A brief about digital private investigators

Let’s look at the private investigation industry from a conventional perspective. We will find that investigators’ fieldwork is mostly related to taking photographs of particular objects or people and gathering data about them. It is precisely how a traditional private investigation concludes. PIs are required to conduct their research and complete a report based on physical evidence.

However, times are changing, and technology is taking over almost every field of work. Particularly, let’s talk about the private investigation industry of regions like Oklahoma City. Methods of private investigation are continuously in the process of up-gradation. A digital private investigator is a term that has surfaced in the last twenty years or so and has made a significant impact in revolutionizing the work processes of the field.

Private investigators in Oklahoma City no longer work via conventional investigative methods. In fact, much of the fieldwork is moving towards the digital arena, and private investigators are now more inclined towards gathering digital evidence.

Here is what digital private investigators have more focus on to solve a case.

Phone records and their analysis

One of the investigative tasks of a digital private investigator is to analyze the phone records of parties directly involved in a case. Whether it’s a case of financial fraud, or a cheating spouse, analyzing the cell phone data provides a lot of information and evidence. Such records are always helpful for digital private investigators in solving the case.

Reviewing mobile phone data

Other than analyzing the call and SMS records, another vital part of a digital private investigator’s job is to review additional data present in the suspect’s phone. Digital private investigators mostly review whatever media is present in the suspect’s phone to find out any relevant and vital piece of evidence.

Websites review

A digital private investigator may also review various websites to check for any traces of the suspect’s activity on that site. It helps them track the suspect’s physical/geographic location via their IP address if they attempt an escape.

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