Tinsley’s Guide to Utilizing Skip Tracing Skills While Acting as a Process Server

Tinsley's Guide to Utilizing Skip Tracing Skills While Acting as a Process ServerIf you are not aware of the similarities between skip tracers and process servers, it is time to change that right now. It is important to know the similarities – especially if you act as one or the other – because the skills used in one profession can easily be utilized in the other. For example, the locating skills of a skip tracer are extremely useful to process servers. Tinsley Keefe, who has worked as both a process server and a skip tracer in Oklahoma City, can attest to this. While the objectives themselves are very different, the process does still involves locating clients.

No matter what the legal necessity is, the challenge is almost always locating the person to either serve them or recover an unpaid debt. Both of those objectives are usually of no interest to the person on the other side of the “investigation”, which is why locating them is not always easy. For this exact reason, Tinsley utilizes several skills that both jobs require. Furthermore, she is willing to share her advice with anyone interested.

For starters, both skip tracers and process servers should utilize the internet to the best of their capabilities. The online world is becoming more and more filled with relevant and sensitive information on almost any individual or company you can think of. This is extremely useful when it comes to tracking someone down. With access to just their full name, you can almost always find their phone number, address, and contact information documented somewhere online.

Tinsley cannot remember a time while working as a process server and/or skip tracer in Oklahoma where she did not (successfully) utilize the internet for one reason or another. Even more, the internet can be a beautiful place to set up a trap for the person you are after. What happens when they do not want to meet with you – and do everything in their power to make sure they do not have to? People will go out of their way to avoid legal trouble, and as a process server or skip tracer, it is your responsibility and duty to locate them regardless.

Aside from the internet, Tinsley Keefe can also recall numerous times where creativity came into play while working as both a process server and a skip tracer in OKC. When the internet turns up empty for a lead, you are required to tap into your imagination a bit and utilize the creativity that is thriving inside your mind.

Whether you have to somehow trap the person into meeting with you – or you throw a process serving or skip tracing party – it does not matter so long as the objective is finally (and successfully) met. In the end, if you are struggling as a process server and you are in need of another set of skills, you should consider looking into the skills acquired by those that work as skip tracers – and vice versa.