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Do not let the fear of “what if” stop you from reaching your objective. At Keefe Private Investigations in OKC, relieving your concerns is Keefe Private Investigations’ primary goal.

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Highly qualified team in Oklahoma City

OKC Private Investigations is a leading private detective agency in the sector that provides its services both nationally and internationally. We offer our services to companies, individuals and legal specialists and professionals with the utmost rigor and professionalism. We have a highly qualified team to offer the services that the client needs.

National and international level

While we are based in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, we offer a wide range of private investigation services at national and international level, through an extensive network of trustworthy collaborators.

For Individuals, Companies and Legal Professionals

We have detectives for individuals, companies and legal professionals – you are our main priority.

We plan, advise and then conduct the detailed investigations that are always laser focused on your needs. The discretion and sincerity to carry out our work distinguish us from the rest. For OKC Private Investigations, it is important that the client has the assurance that the evidence and information presented will be totally confidential and will be treated with the importance and seriousness that each of our cases requires, as well as maintaining an attitude of service, an environment of trust and communication with each of them. We are concerned with doing an exceptional job and giving the client the certainty of obtaining the information they need. That is why we work at the required time using the necessary means and technology.

We set up channels for direct information and communication with our clients that allow us to always keep them posted with any news, evaluating the options to follow and to adapt according to the circumstances. You can choose when and how these communications will be made, you may prefer to be informed every day, when exceptional circumstances happen or at the end of the investigation.

After hiring our research services, you will realize that you are in good hands. No two investigations are the same – each one has its own peculiarities and characteristics. The main job of the private detective is to analyze the specific situation and offer you an investigation that meets your real needs.

Hiring a detective, an excellent investment to get the evidences

Detectives are the only lawfully authorized professionals to carry out private investigations. Hiring private detectives to take care of your evidence needs in court is always a great investment. All of our investigative efforts are carried out throughout the national territory with the utmost care and rigor. We pay attention to detail and making a report scrupulously true to reality. Our reports are completely valid to present before any judicial authority in OKC, and are increasingly valued and appreciated for their evidentiary value. It is possible that you have ever lost a lawsuit due to lack of evidence despite being right on your part. Hiring a professional agency like ours will prevent it from happening again.

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We are available 24 hours a day. Contact us freely and without any commitment we will give you a quote.

Our investigations fully respect legality

You will never have any type of problem when making use of the information that we provide you. We have our commitment that any information provided has been obtained in strict compliance with the law.

In turn, we will inform you of the legality or not of your request without obligation. Sometimes, we find requests for illegal services to obtain information that can also be reached in a completely legal way. Our researchers are experts in gathering information and evidence, and we have years of experience in the field. If there is a legal way to get the information you need, we will find it.

Process Server
Oklahoma Process Server, Service of Process, Process Service Oklahoma City

Our Oklahoma Process Servers have been providing professional services to large and small businesses, law firms, insurance companies and private citizens covering all of the Oklahoma Court systems.


Oklahoma Process Server 
Private Investigation
Private Investigation, Private Detective, Oklahoma Private Investigator

Private Investigation, Private Detective and Oklahoma Private Investigator. Our private investigation OKC division proudly offers services to professionals, private individuals, corporate, and governmental agencies.


Oklahoma City Private Investigator
Notary Public
Notary Public Service, Notary Public Oklahoma City, Mobile Notary

Notary Public OKC Services, Notary Public Oklahoma City and Mobile Notary. Our notary public in OKC provides experienced certified Oklahoma notary public services.


Oklahoma City Notary Public 
Oklahoma Bodyguard

Oklahoma Process Servers provides professional bodyguard in OKC services to large and small businesses, law firms, insurance companies and private citizens all over Oklahoma.


Oklahoma Bodyguards 
Security Services

Our trained armed and unarmed Oklahoma private security professionals are available to meet all of your personal security needs. Our Oklahoma security guard department focuses on a broad range of clients.


OKC Security Services
Expert Witness Testimony

Oklahoma Process Servers has a wide range of expert witness testimony available to you. Medical Experts, Legal/Judicial/Court Experts, Education Experts, Computer Experts, Law Enforcement Experts and more…


Expert Witness Testimony 
Bail Bonds

Our bail bondsmen in OKC are some of the most affordable and experienced OKC bail bonds professionals around. Our bail bonds in OKC team is here and stands ready to help you and your loved ones with all of your Oklahoma bail bond needs. Our bail bonds Oklahoma City agents will diligently help you, so you can get out of jail and work on proving your innocence with your bail bonds OKC.


Bail Bonds in OKC 
Document Retrieval

Our Oklahoma document retrieval experts offer this Oklahoma document retrieval service for clients all throughout the State of Oklahoma. Our document retrieval OKC staff will help you file and retrieve your legal documents, titles, etc., from all of the court clerk offices in Oklahoma, for your document retrieval Oklahoma City needs.


Oklahoma Document Retrieval
Cheating Spouses
Suspect a cheating spouse? Then you deserve to know the truth. Whether your spouse is having an affair behind your back or hiding assets from you– Keefe Private Investigations is here for you.  Keefe Private Investigations in OKC would love the opportunity to walk you through the crisis and give you the closure you deserve.
Custody Cases/Disputes
Custody battles are not pretty, and sometimes what is rightfully yours can go the other way. To prevent that from happening, a private investigator from Keefe Private Investigation can aid you significantly and  provide you with a detailed analysis that will either prove a parental skill or lack thereof in order to put things in your favor.
Arson Investigation Claims
Arson continuous to be one of the biggest issues faced by many insurance companies around the world. The field of insurance has been plagued by cases of intentional property destruction. It’s time you call Keefe Private Investigation as Keefe Private Investigations in OKC is efficient and accurate. They are effectively able to sniff out any foul play or suspicious activities surrounding the fire and bring reality in the spotlight
Intelligence and Counterintelligence Investigation
Keefe Private Investigation specializes in providing end-to-end intelligence solutions addressing issues of competitive intelligence gathering, espionage, and information theft and intellectual property with a professionaly trained team of Private Investigators in Oklahoma.
Missing Persons Investigations
Even police-led investigations end after looking for a certain amount of time and eventually closing the case. If you find yourself experiencing the tragic incident of a missing child, family member or friend Keefe Private Investigation has some of the finest investigators who can guarantee you the right results.
Insurance Fraud Investigations
Insurance fraud investigation centers around deceitful claims – seeking compensation for illegal and dangerous claims. At Keefe Private Investigations OKC, we handle all kinds of fraudulent insurance claims such as car insurance, life insurance, home insurance, compensation insurance, etc
About Keefe Private Investigations
The Need
You never know when the need for a private investigator might creep up. Life events of the tragic nature might suddenly take place – like a missing child or family member or suspicion of a marital affair Sometimes, we are left with challenges such as custody battles and surveillance needs. These are all perfect instances of private investigation needs.At Keefe Private Investigation, we have a team of highly qualified individuals that will always exceed your expectations. We believe a licensed and experienced investigator should have the right skills required to carry out even the most complex of tasks.
The Decision
If you have decided to hire a private investigator, then it means something is bothering you. You suspect something is wrong and need to know what. At Keefe Private Investigation, our aim is to give you the peace of mind that you so desperately seek.Hiring a private investigator to do all the hard work for you is the right way to go.Your decision on a private investigator should be based on their qualifications. Our trained professionals can guarantee you maximum success rate in your pursuit and make sure you achieve the desired results. In the end, if you choose Keefe Private Investigations to help you with your concerns, you have the best chance at efficiency and closure.
The Process
During the investigation process, Keefe Private Investigations will select the perfect private detective fit for your case. After discussing all relevant and important details with you, they will begin their investigation. Throughout the process, they will update you regularly with the information and leads they come across. Furthermore, Tinsley Keefe wants to stress that her private investigators are kind and comforting as much as they are professional. It’s their goal to help you through every obstacle.Our detectives come from relevant academic backgrounds giving them an edge over other investigation professionals in the industry. As a leading private investigation agency in Oklahoma, our team is skilled in its ability to use the right tools and skills to discover the truth.
The Outcome
The investigators we have at Keefe Private Investigation are passionate, productive, and prompt. After a thorough yet timely investigation, Keefe Private Investigations’ private investigator in OKC will share all of their findings with you. While the outcome might not be ideal in the sense of details, at the very least the information will be accurate and the mystery will be solved to the best of the private detective’s capability. Keefe Private Investigations has a very high success rate thanks to the highly trained detectives that are devoted to offering their assistance to anyone in need.If truth is what you seek – then it is what you shall receive. At Keefe Private Investigation, our aim is to put an end to your worries and fears. TRUST US, the truth is out there, and we can help you find it… only if you let us.
HIRING A PRIVATE INVESTIGATOR IN OKC IS SOMETIMES NECESSARY, BUT THAT DOES NOT MEAN IT HAS TO BE A BAD EXPERIENCE,No matter what you seek and where the truth is hidden - Keefe Private Investigation has a team of Oklahoma’s finest private detectives and investigators that can find anything.
Need Assistance Serving Papers?
Tinsley Keefe’s process servers got you covered.
Need Assistance Certifying Documents?
We offer a notary public for that, too.
Private Investigation Services?
Keefe Private Investigations is literally your ultimate solution.

If you are a small business looking for assistance in serving papers, Keefe Private Investigations can help. If you are a large business, Keefe Private Investigations can still help. In fact, if you are a law firm, an insurance agency, or even an individual citizen, we have got you covered in all Oklahoma Court systems.

Do not stress anymore about finding a notary public in Oklahoma to notarize your documents. Our OKC notary public services are speedy, efficient, and overall a comfortable experience. Even better, our notary publics are experienced and Oklahoma certified.

Private investigations take work, and yet our private investigators in Oklahoma still carry an unrivaled success record. Our OKC private detectives offer unmatchable services to a range of clientele – from professionals and local Oklahoma City individuals to corporate and government agencies.


Queries or concerns? call us If you have any questions or concerns, even if you are still confused, call us and share your thoughts with our representatives. We provide on-call consultancy FREE OF COST. We don’t believe in wasting any time, and you shouldn’t either. Call us on 405-435-8355